KML to Unity3d

The KML to Unity3D tool can quickly convert a KML file into a Mesh in Unity. During this process, the tool first downloads all the required image information based on the links in the KML file. Then, it converts the latitude and longitude information into Cartesian coordinates and creates quads. Finally, it assigns the corresponding textures to these quads.

Recreated map composed by the aerial photos taken by the Germans over Belgorod, Soviet Union, 1942

The whole map

The KML files are downloaded with a Python script in batch. After having the KML files, the geo-data in long-lat pairs are converted from Cartesian earth coordinates to Unity world position.

Then quads will be generated with the right UV and normal for each vertex. The aerial photo would be downloaded in Unity given the link in the KML file. After the photos are downloaded, materials will be created and assigned to the right quad.