Indie Game & Tools

Armored Storm: WW2 Tank Simulator

Armored Storm is a WW2-themed RTS/FPS game. In the game, players can manipulate many different types of vehicles and weapons from a first-person or God's perspective. The game is committed to providing a real World War II experience, including real ballistics and armor systems, and the data on vehicles and weapons are also as realistic as possible.

KML to Unity3d

A tool used for downloading KML files from certain websites and converting them into meshes in Unity3d based on the geo-data embedded in the KML files. Made for creating historically accurate maps based on WW2 aerial images for Armored Assault.

Unity Terrain Rasterizer

A rasterizer that can rasterize the splatmap of a terrain with boundaries given in the form of polygons. The tool is useful for creating roads, farmlands, and biomes in a non-destructive way. Made for Armored Assault, the indie game.